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Hi There! I'm Chelsea


Massage is loving touch

As a child my mom would put me to sleep with a massage. On a long road trip, my mom would reach over and rub my grandfather’s shoulders. After a long day on the farm my aunty would rub grandma’s feet. It was a massage train!

I was taught that through massage we are able to heal and share love.


My Path To Purpose


I started massage school the summer I graduated from college. In 2003 I completed East-West School of Healing Arts and started my own practice in Portland, OR. I spent the next five years growing as a therapist.


After the birth of my first child, I had to leave massage and get a desk job with health insurance. I obtained my Masters in Healthcare Administration and for 10 years I worked as a hospital compliance and privacy officer.


In January of 2021, a serious event at work caused me to suffer from burnout. I enrolled in a free stress management program provided by my health insurance. After working with the counselor and life coach, I admitted that my work was negatively affecting my quality of life. I was barely eating, sleeping or laughing. I was in constant pain, my stomach was a mess and my poor family did NOT get what they needed either.


After serious honesty between my soul, heart, and brain I decided it was time to leave the stress of the corporate desk job. I then felt called to become certified in Reiki and the experience was life-changing in every way!

We moved our family back home to The Dalles, OR. As I prepared to open this practice, every step fell into place and I knew this was meant to be. Even now as the path unfolds I lean in to listen to what is next. How can I improve and help more people in my community?


Now my success is not based on how much money I make or my title; but how many lives I touch and improve.

Fun Facts About Me


I trained in classical singing for 13 years.


I spent summers on my grandparents farm in Montana.


I moved every 2 years of my life. I have lots of friends all over the NW.

Kind Words From Clients.

"Great space, good energy. Chelsea is super friendly and talented. My shoulder and neck were completely locked up with acute pain and she made extra time to get me in on short notice. Today, I have no headache and the tension is almost totally gone from my shoulder and neck. I will definitely be back to see her. Thank you!"

Darin W.

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